ILLtemper “Happible Miserly” CD

ILLtemper “Happible Miserly” CD

“Happible Miserly” LP

1. Happible Miserly (Produced by Donny G)
2. Infallible Beliefs (Produced by Edd Bundy)
3. Stuck (Produced by Stir Crazy)
4. Retard (Produced by Stir Crazy)
5. Swiped Left (Produced by Edd Bundy)
6. Splatball (Produced by Elgee Da BeatDetonator)
7. My Name Is Fentanyl (Produced by Spion Liape)
8. Lay Awake (Produced by Sleepless Beats)
9. If He Dies, He Dies (Produced by Phantom Eyce)
10. Goofing Around 5 (Mikey Boneroad Interlude)
11. Creep Apnea (Produced by Spion Liape)
12. Uncut Dopamine (Produced by Elgee Da BeatDetonator)
13. Drano (Produced by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha)
14. Big Bitch (Produced by Donny G)
15. Socks And Crocs (Produced by Gavel The Sun)
16. Immune System (Produced by C.Rae)
17. Laughs At A Funeral (Produced by Gloom Rap)
18. Bonus Track: Stuck (Edd Bundy Remix)