ILLtemper “Miserably Happy” CD

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ILLtemper “Miserably Happy” CD

ILLtemper “Miserably Happy” CD
Miserably Happy Tracklist
1. Miserably Happy (Produced by Donny G)
2. Sicko (Produced by King Shem)
3. Sobriety (Produced by Donny G)
4. Write Down ft. Rated R, Julius Sleazer & Dr. Fowlmouf (Produced by King Shem)
5. Shoot the Mirror (Produced by King Shem)
6. ILLarious (Produced by Cotardz)
7. Psychosis ft. Rated R (Produced by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha)
8. Ronnie (Interlude)
9. The Creepz ft. Madchild & Jimi Carter (Produced by King Shem)
10. Leave (Produced by Donny G)
11. Fuck That ft. Donny G & Phayze Wun (Produced By Donny G)
12. Goofing Around 2 (Mikey Boneroad Interlude)
13. Manic Episodes (Produced by King Shem)
14. Stupid Fucking Holiday (Produced by Donny G)
15. Farewell ft. Donny G, Rated R, & Ajax (Produced by ILLEAGLEGENIUS)
16. Outro